Friday Night Delve

Heathen: A Timely Rescue

30 April, 2010

  • After journeying through the foothills of the Moonfall Mountains for many days, in a nearly constant driving rain, a brief break in the weather greets the party's arrival at a small town.  They quickly discover that the town's central green has become a makeshift refugee camp, full of tattered tents, salvaged belongings and worn-looking people.
  • They enter the tavern, so rarely visited by strangers that it doesn't even have a name, and learn from the innkeeper that a cult of Bane called the "Hand of Naarash" has been attacking border villages, and is the cause of the refugee influx.
  • A commotion arises outside just as the rain returns, and the characters emerge to find a tent knocked to the ground, two terrified-looking refugees being harassed by a pair of bandits, one of whom is menacing the couple's infant child with a mace.
  • The party cleric, a devotee of Pelor, isn't about to watch this happen, and intervenes, attempting to put distance between the bandits and the child so it won't be used as a hostage, while the Drow assassin sneaks behind and grabs one of the bandits from behind, blade at his throat.
  • The other bandit refuses to back down, telling the characters that they don't know what they're getting themselves into.
  • The held bandit makes a sudden move for his mace, trying to bash the Drow blindly, and the fight is on.
  • As the party battles the bandits, crossbow bolts fly in from somewhere in the field of tents, hitting the Dragonborn barbarian, and a dancing lightning spell stuns the cleric.
  • The party focuses on the bandits, despite the harassing fire from around them, finishing them off, and then moves to engage the guards and mage who shot at them.
  • Believing these newcomers to be village guards who mistook the characters for bandits themselves, the cleric attempts to parley with them.
  • The guards pretend to accede to the cleric, and the party turns its attention to the mage.
  • As they do, the guards disappear behind a waterlogged tent.
  • The cleric attempts to intimidate the mage into surrender, but the mage, seeing the Drow among them and believing he'll be tortured, refuses, blasting the cleric with a magic missile for his answer.
  • The party concentrates fire on the mage, and with a few lucky shots, manages to take him down in a single round, knocking him out, but not killing him.
  • Just as the mage goes down, the guards reappear, feigning friendliness.  "Looks like you got 'im," one of them says, indicating the mage.  Having gotten close to the mage, whom he sees is still alive, the guard suddenly impales him on his halberd , then sweeps his weapon around at the dragonborn, knocking her prone.  The other guard leaps into the fray, attempting to impale the prone dragonborn with his own halberd, but she rolls out of the way, leaps to her feet, and hits both of them with a sweeping strike.
  • The assassin, having lost his dagger in the preceding fight, uses dark magic to choke the guards while the dragonborn fights and the cleric heals.
  • Finally as they fall, the town militia arrives, led by another cleric of Pelor, Emesha, of the Light of the Sun.
  • She thanks the party profusely for interceding, and begins tending to the terrified refugee family.  She tells the characters that if they're still around in the morning, she'd like to speak with them further.
Party XP: 725 XP  (242/character)
(2 Human Bandits XP125, 2 Human Guards XP150, 1 Human Mage XP175)


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